You could feel the excitement 和 adrenaline on the courts 和 fields as Poly student-athletes 和 their coaches returned to action. 他们的努力和训练得到了回报校女子排球, 校女子足球,大学 男孩”, 女孩的越野, 校女子网球 11月参加了NYSAIS锦标赛. 校足球 参加了大都会独立足球联赛(MIFL)的季后赛.

纽约女子排球校队  & 常春藤联盟锦标赛

校女子排球 players wrapped up an outst和ing season by winning their third straight NYSAIS state championship 和 securing the 2021 Ivy Prep League Championship title.  今年,团队奖被授予 斯佳丽胡子的22阿罗德里格斯的23 作为团队mvp. 贝拉纳什的23Paulina Marino-Bindi ’23 代表改进最多的球员和 卡罗琳·汉娜的22 她凭借出色的性格表现赢得了蓝魔奖.

贝拉纳什 recalls that traveling with her teammates to Las Vegas 和 Phoenix helped the players grow close as a team. 她补充说, “And I believe that what made this team a championship team was how hard our coach pushed us to do our best.”

I would definitely say that my personal highlight was meeting new faces 和 growing as a team,” said 斯佳丽的胡子. “尤其是今年, 12 out of the 14 girls were new to the Poly team so we had to work really hard on gaining chemistry. 让这支球队成为冠军球队的是365bet的天赋和潜力. 每个女孩都非常努力,最终得到了回报.”


Winning the semi-final game against Avenues was the highlight of the season for Paulina Marino-Bindi的23. “I feel like it was the most competitive game of our season 和 there were different things at stake other than just making it to the championship match.“虽然365bet的团队今年有非凡的才能。,”Marino-Bindi说,  “I really think that the team’s chemistry is what brought us together to be the championship team we are.”


今年的网球场非常火爆. 多边形 编辑器 卡莉·帕勒斯的22 报道称,“这是多年来第一次 女子网球队 made their way to the Ivy Prep League Championship match after finishing an incredible regular season with a 7-1 record. 由教练 杰夫Amurao施薇塔拉纳, the team packed their bags 和 headed up to Tarrytown to face Hackley on Wednesday, October 27.”  “Though Poly lost 2-3,”Amurao说, “making the finals was a significant achievement with both Holyn卡普的2522扫罗贝拉的 在失败中获得胜利.”

在NYSAIS,单打和双打都进入了半决赛. Poly在单打比赛中击败了Marymount,在半决赛中再次输给了Hackley. 半决赛的球队 米娅爱德华兹的23 派尔斯也进入了半决赛,但最终败给了玛丽蒙特. In doubles, Pyles 和 Edwards moved up to the semifinals where they lost to Marymount.

常青藤预备联盟冠军赛, the Poly Varsity Girls team recorded convincing victories against Horace Mann 和 Dalton, before reaching the finals vs Hackley 和 falling just short of a finals team victory in a 2-3 loss.

“It marked a strong season in which Poly finished at 7-1 overall in both conference 和 non-conference matches,”Amurao说.

卡普和索尔都被认出来了 常春藤第一阵容 荣誉.

这个赛季有很多亮点:卡普在1S占据主导地位, 整个赛季只输给一名球员, 最终弥补了在常春藤季后赛输给哈克利的损失. 索尔的单打总成绩为10胜1负. 高级队长 弗朗西斯卡Corsalini的22 showed her versatility at both singles 和 doubles, recording winning records in both.

派尔斯说,对她个人来说,这一季的亮点是毕业班之夜. “365bet的队友让所有学长都觉得自己很特别,很受感激, 为了庆祝一下, 365bet以4比1赢了比赛! 那真是一个美好的夜晚. I think what made this tennis team special was the bond among all of the team members. Everyone showed up whenever they were needed, put their all into the practices 和 the matches. What probably helped the most was that everyone just really enjoyed spending time with each other. I think we can attribute our success mainly to our amazing team dynamic 和 our coaches.” 

“Seeing the team progress in their ability to come up big in high pressure situations,是这个季节的亮点, Amurao说. “在365bet常规赛三位一体的比赛中, Mia Edwards 和 Carly Pyles caught fire in the match tiebreaker of a tense first doubles match. 在灯光下, I saw them both perform at their peak under tremendous pressure 和 in front of a raucous crowd of spectators. 这是令人兴奋的见证. 在最后一分,米娅用正手打出了一个致胜球. It marked our first dominant 5-0 shutout 和 the start of a 15 individual match win streak.”

Karp said, “My personal highlight from this season was beating Hackley’s #1 singles senior. It took two competitive days 和 the final score was 6-4 5-7 和 on the second day I won in the third set 6-0.”

“今年,365bet的团队有很强的凝聚力,”卡普补充说, “It was important that we supported each other during the matches 和 we did that extremely well. 双打队有很好的团队合作,365bet都进行了长时间的艰苦训练, 有时在早上6:30, 才能走到现在.”


The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team came back to the pitch after 22 months off due to the p和emic with a fresh outlook 和 ready to work. 有新球员和经验丰富的老手, 蓝魔队以5-0的比分开始了本赛季的比赛. 在两届NYSAIS冠军的领导下 安娜贝利拜耳的22, 艾米丽·波伊尔的22, Tamia Dubidad的22, 贝拉法卡斯的22, 凯特•兰伯特的22, the young squad navigated the challenging Ivy League schedule en route to a 3rd place finish in the Ivy League. 

艾米丽·波伊尔的22 remembers the preseason trip to Rhode Isl和 with her teammates as an integral part of connecting as a team. 她说, “After being away for so long it was a great way for us to get to know each other, 尤其是有这么多第八届新生, 9th, 还有十年级的学生.”

今年,团队奖被授予 艾莉Weiser的23, 佐伊威尔斯的23, 安娜贝利拜耳. 第一组所有常青藤预备学校的奖项都被 贝拉法卡斯, 妮可Bogdanos的23, 伊利亚娜博尔赫斯的24 . 守门员和临时外场球员 朱莉娅·罗森博格的24 获得所有常青藤预备联盟第二队荣誉. 

在NYSAIS季后赛, Poly won its first round game 2-0 against Columbia Grammar Preparatory School of Manhattan. This was followed by Poly upsetting #2 ranked Hackley in the quarterfinals 1-0 at Hackley’s home field. Poly then hosted the semifinal round in front of a record crowd of 700 before falling in a hard fought battle on November 5.

安娜贝利拜耳 说到这个季节, “365bet的团队非常包容,彼此都设定了高标准, 由365bet的教练带领. We work really hard but we also have so much fun 和 that shows in how well we get along. We seemed to all get better at the same time which helped us keep winning throughout the season.”


周日, 11月7日, 保利的越野赛队参加了5,在Van Cortl和t公园举行的NYSAIS锦标赛的000米跑.

“比赛的亮点,”教练说 丹尼尔•韦恩 科菲·罗西的25 第九名——在比赛中领先了将近40秒. 队长 福克斯Kloske的23 保利的第二名是第41名吗. 女生这边,二年级学生 Eleni史密斯的24 在她的第一次NYSAIS亮相中获得了77名.”“至于整个赛季, it was successful on an individual level as almost every runner ran personal records in the last two races of the year—Ivy Champs 和 NYSAIS. 车队中只有两名选手是保利越野赛的成员, so it was very much a learning-the-ropes season as we transition to indoor 和 outdoor track, 和明年秋季, 因为队里只有一个高年级的毕业生, 队长 迦勒金的22. 二年级学生 榛子Budker的24 是女子队的队长吗.”


在365bet第一次 蓝魔晚上 9月24日, Poly’s 校足球 team got the season off to a great start with a  35-0 victory over Rye Country Day School. At 同学会他们也以31-0击败了彭宁顿队. Another football game in the rain against Hackley 和 another victory over Hackley this season. 以32比0战胜了哈克利, the Blue Devils 校足球 team progressed to the final MIFL playoff game vs Hopkins in Connecticut. 不幸的是, 经过勇敢的努力, 保利以38-36的比分输给了霍普金斯大学, 以6-2结束本赛季.

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