Program 概述

保利预科’s mixed competition program trains and hosts matches steps from the Dyker Heights Campus at the Dyker Beach 高尔夫球 Course. Head Coach Alex Carter, a former captain at Alabama State University, stresses a focus on short-game mastery and visualization. He is working to take the 聚 program to the next level. 最近, Coach Carter has developed a year round strength and conditioning training protocol for his student-athletes in conjunction with the coaches from 聚’s High Performance Lab.

保利预科 高尔夫球 team Athlete swings the golf club
聚 prep golf player
保利预科 高尔夫球 team Athlete talks with the Coach
聚 prep golf players
聚 prep golf player
高尔夫球 Highlights

保利预科 offers a comprehensive year round cross training program and its home course is conveniently located steps from the Dyker Heights Campus. 高尔夫球’s Head coach is a full-time faculty member.

2003 NYSAIS Championship
高尔夫球 Coaches

Alex Carter
Head Coach, History Faculty

Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 6091
Education: Alabama State University, BA, University of Iowa, MA, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Ph.D. (Expected Completion 2020)

Hailing from the nation’s capital, Alex Carter received his introduction to golf through his uncle and grandfather, eventually becoming a two-time All-SWAC Conference Team member and team captain at Alabama State University. Pursuing a career in academia, he acquired his Master’s in African-American World Studies from the University of Iowa, journeyed to Australia as a United States Fulbright Student, and embarked on a doctoral program in the Department of Afro-American Studies at UMass-Amherst. After joining 聚 in 2018 as a history teacher, Carter became the head coach of the  mixed competition golf program. Overseeing a group that plays at the historic Dyker Beach 高尔夫球 Course that abuts 聚 grounds, the coach aims to inspire by fostering camaraderie, 社区, and leadership. “高尔夫球 is like a microcosm of life,” he says. “Things are going great one day, not so much the next, so I stress to stay within that one shot, stay within the moment.”

高尔夫球 Facilities

Steps from the Dyker Heights Campus is Dyker Beach 高尔夫球 Course, where our golf team practices and hosts matches.

聚 prep golf players
保利预科 高尔夫球 team Athlete swings the golf club
聚 prep golf players
聚 prep golf players
Featured Athletes

Elizabeth Bentsianov ‘21

During her tenure on 聚’s varsity golf team, Bentsianov established herself as the team’s MVP. Liz’s leadership at practice and during matches elevated team play throughout the season. She tied for team lowest stroke average and won the Staten Island 高尔夫球 Association’s Junior Girls Championship in summer 2019.

Jordan Hubal '18

Qualified to represent 聚 in NYSAIS Championship Tournament and also in the NYC Mayor’s Cup. The co-captain began his collegiate golf career playing for Franklin & Marshall in the fall of 2018 and was an NCAA Qualifier in 2021.
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